FS Metta signs partnership with RicFit

Miks Vilkaplāters
Ievietots 05.04.24.

FS Metta signs partnership with RicFit.

FS Metta is pleased to announce that the American company RicFit has become a partner of our club.

Cooperation activities:

  • 1 on 1 work with talented young footballers to mentor and develop their professionalism.
  • Access to nutrition, personal training and psychological preparation content for Academy footballers.
  • Strengthening the Latvian-US business link, including the implementation of cooperation projects at international level.
  • Working on the development and promotion of the Skanstes SK organisation as general manager of the club. As a GM Eric will lead the club from 2nd tier to 1st tier competition.
  • Working on attracting new investment for the club and infrastructure development projects.
In Latvian football, we often live in a rather closed environment, and we don't invite many young people to get involved. METTA has always been an organisation that has worked with new partners, energetic leaders. Also Eric with his energy, leadership and long term activity, including in Latvian football, can make our internal environment different, stimulate critical thinking and bring additional new ideas. Every new idea should be developed. In the past we have also invited Milan Junior Camp, foreign coaches, travelled to foreign clubs ourselves, organized Coerver training camps. We are historically an organisation that is open to many challenges and new ideas.Ģirts MihelsonsFS Metta co-founder I believe there is a reason for everything. We share the same goals and vision. METTA is like a family. My first observation was that everyone respects and admires each other. I noticed in the first home game that it didn't matter if it was a five-year-old boy, a six-year-old girl or a fifty-year-old fan, everyone shook each other's hand and looked into each other's eyes - this is a family and I want to be part of it. My goal has always been to help youth development, to help players develop and take the step from the youth academy to professional football. I want to help, guide and mentor young players so they can get to the next level. Unfortunately, nowadays there are a lot of distraction that prevent players from reaching that. I want to use my 15 years of experience from obsessively studying the body, human motivation and development and help put it into a simple plan to help these players.Eric FriedlanderRicFit owner

About Eric Friedlander and RicFit:

Eric is a coach and entrepreneur from the USA who has been involved in football for over 20 years and fitness for over 10 years.

RicFit is a platform to transfer knowledge to his clients on how to become a better player through proper nutrition and training, how to achieve better results on and off the field.

For its users, the platform provides a wide range of content as well as 1-on-1 advice to help players reach their potential. Currently, the RicFit app has more than 300,000 followers.

RicFit has worked with more than 500 players, including more than 50 professional footballers, on 1-on-1 consultations.

RicFit website: https://ricfittraining.com/

We hope for a successful collaboration!